For over ten years, Top Gear has been travelling all over Britain in the course of making the world?s best programme about cars, driving, and three men in smart-casual clothes shouting at each other. So, who better to assemble a guide to Britain itself with all its glories, quirks and multiple words for bread rolls? This book is not only a guide for outsiders; it is an invaluable reference manual for Britons themselves, like a mirror held up to our very souls. * Join us then, as we travel from A-Z cataloguing and making moderately flippant remarks about every aspect of life and living in the best country in the world after New Zealand, Denmark, probably Canada and some bits of France. *Although in this case, a mirror that has been dropped and then run over by a small lorry but don?t worry, some bits of it still just about work. Exploding with fun and interesting facts, this is the ultimate book for Top Gear enthusiasts. This hardback book has 160 pages and measures: 25 x 17 x 1.5cm.