When the corporation that controls her city determines that she requires a very particular form of guidance and correction, eighteen-year-old Ginnie Lyons is placed in the custody of a couple who live on Oak Street. Her new guardians--who she will be made to call mommy and daddy--will have full authority both to punish her as frequently and thoroughly as they feel it necessary and to enjoy her beautiful body in any way they please.

On her very first day in her new home, Ginnie earns herself a painful, embarrassing bare-bottom spanking. To make matters worse, her vulnerable, exposed position makes it impossible to hide her helpless arousal at being chastised in such a humiliating manner. But when she is caught spying on a neighboring couple's intimate activities, she soon finds herself blushing crimson as she is punished more shamefully than ever before.

Publisher's Note: The Oak Street Method: Ginnie is a short story which is the second entry in the series The Institute: Naughty Little Girls. The books of this series share the same near-future setting as the books of The Institute Series, but they are stand-alone stories. The Oak Street Method: Ginnie includes spankings, sexual scenes, and age play. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.